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Painting of Mrs Harriet Barry

Mrs Harriet Barry is shown peeling potatoes. She was married to the Keeper of Kewstoke Lodge Gate. This is one of a series of 40 paintings of local characters known...

Painting entitled 'Urban Landscape'

Norman Parker describes his work as •neo-Surrealism; surrealist imagery but without the Surrealist ideology. I like exploring the marvellous and irrational; in finding beauty in strange thingsê. This painting is...

Painting of Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey was once the wealthiest monastic house in England. When it was dissolved in 1539 its buildings were plundered and quickly became ruinous. George Arnald presents the abbey as...


This miniature china jug which shows the arms of Weston-super-Mare was made by Swan China as a souvenir popular with tourists....

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