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Painting of Edmund Wyndham (1601-1683)

Edmund Wyndham was a leading Somerset Royalist during the Civil War. In 1644 he besieged Taunton, bombarding the castle from the west and the town from the east. When Robert...

South Cadbury shield

This Yetholm-type shield is 66 cm in diameter and less than 1 mm thick. It is decorated with over 6,000 individually-stamped bosses. The metal is too thin for the shield...

Plaque of a human face

This unique plaque, made from thin sheet bronze, shows a human face and may have decorated a piece of furniture. It was found in the guard chamber of the hillfort...

Neck ring

This torc was made by a highly-skilled goldsmith. Originally it was worn around the neck but later it was carefully coiled. The torc dates from about 1300-1100 BC and is...

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