Allerton Cope

A cope is a long cloak worn by a priest or bishop. The Allerton cope is made of silk and decorated with English embroidery in silver gilt and silk thread. The design includes figures of angels and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, when she was taken bodily into heaven after death. The cope may have belonged to John Gunthorpe (died 1498), the scholarly Dean of Wells. It was later converted into an altar frontal.
Accession Loan No.
TTNCM : 9684
Simple Name
cope and altar cover
Collection Country
Common Name
Allerton Cope
Production Country
linen, silk
Period Classification
Medieval (AD 1066-1500)
Collection Class
Middle Ages
Collection Contintent
Production Continent
Production Date
Collection Parish
Chapel Allerton
Collection Town
Chapel Allerton
Collection County
Collection Site Name
Allerton Church
On Display
Museum of Somerset
Created At
2016-05-07 16:52:25
Updated At
2016-05-07 16:52:25

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